Awaken your Divine Potential


Is there a difference between the decision your ego makes and how your soul would organise your life?

Simply put. The answer is yes.

There is a vast difference, which is why a moment arrives in everyone’s life at which he or she wonders, “For what reason have I been born?” We all wonder about whether the events and relationships of our life are random or somewhat part of a much larger plan.

We think about whether there are people we are meant to meet in life and creative opportunities that are scheduled to come our way. If so, how do we identify these “Sacred Contracts” and secondly, how do we follow through with them? What exactly is it about a contract that makes it “sacred”. And how much does it really matter to our lives if we were never to realise that some of the relationships and opportunities that come our way are not coincidences but well planned encounters? Would it matter to you, for instance, to learn toward the latter years of your life that the passion you always had to be an artist or an entrepreneur or a social activist was not just “one of those things” but part of your Sacred Contract that you had never fully acknowledged in yourself?

All of these intriguing questions hold the potential of changing the quality and direction of your life, which is why few personal experiences are as powerful or personally transforming as exploring your Sacred Contract.

What makes a contact “sacred” ?

Is that your life is assigned a purpose prior to your incarnation. In some way the ordinary mind cannot comprehend, each person is of great significance in the fabric of life and that mystical fact gives profound meaning to the power of choice and to every choice a person makes. There is, in other words, no such thing as a small or insignificant choice. As for whether it matters if your Sacred Contracts are realised or not during your life – ask someone who has made the journey and learned to discern the difference between what is truly a Sacred Contract and what is not. For those individuals it has made all the difference in the world. (Myss)

How would your life change by knowing your Sacred Contract?

  • Identifying your archetypal patterns helps you understand the source and nature of your feelings and passions. So when we have intellectual and emotional yearnings in our lives that we don’t understand and, as a result we never act on them. Yet, they never go away.
  • Your life choices change when you begin to recognise the difference between an option and Sacred Contract
  • The greatest gift you can give yourself is to “know thy self” as Socrates famously said. We come back to know ourselves in many ways, of course, but few are as efficient or as clear as the direct route. Seeking out the profile of who you are according to twelve archetypal patterns and the myths of power that they represent is like coming upon a diary that you had no idea you had within.
  • When people seek the greatest power of the human experience, most will say that power is love. But the truth is that the greatest power that the human being can strive to attain is authentic, healthy self-esteem. Without a sense of who you are and without truly respecting and honouring yourself, loving other people will not come easy and it will not feel safe. When you have a sense of your Sacred Contracts, you learn that the course of your life – your destiny – is not in the hands of others, or dependent on whether they approve of your choices, or you approve of theirs. Your destiny is part of a much bigger plan. Every person is born longing to walk the path of their destiny and to meet the people along that path. That comes with making courageous choices in your life, which include the decisions to discover your Sacred Contracts.

The Awaken Your Divine Potential program consists of:

~ A two-hour orientation session – mapping a chart of your twelve archetypes

~ Energy healing session to support your personal transformation. A complementary Lightarian Clearing Ray (Path Clearing) healing attunement to gently and effectively clear all adverse etheric energies stored in your physical body.

~ Twelve weeks one hour sessions – interpretation of each archetype, journal work

The intention of this program is:

(i). to lead participants into their Sacred Contracts, teaching the skill of interpretation and analysis of archetypal symbols, their applications and patterns in life events; and
(ii) for participants to be empowered with tools to help resolve challenges as they arise in our contempory lives and to be fully supported while discovering your limitless potential; and
(iii). Effective personal transformation, with guaranteed results.


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