Shaman Initiations

The African Shamanic Mysteries, is a shamanic initiation designed to put you on the path of your destiny.  The first year is a 18 month journey, introduction into the Mysteries of Shamanism.  With the option to deepen your Shamanic Training and continue your journey with Shaman Masters 1 and Shaman Masters II, each a year long journey.  Lead by initiated shaman, Ursula R Macheke van Graan (Urkusha), and our Helping Spirits Guides, Ancestral Helping Spirits, the Ancients ones and Kemetic Neteru (Egyptian Goddess/Gods).

The all is for Year One, that is a 18 month intensive and an introduction training for anyone unfamiliar with shamanic practices, or on a personal journey to self discovery and in search for a connection and union to the Spirit World. The shamanic tools shared in the African Shamanic Mysteries comes out of  World Wide Ancient Shamanic arts i.e. of Ancient Africa, Europe, Hawaii, Australia and Native North American.
Learn shamanic practices and tools that empower you to:-
• Be in direct relationship with Spirit Guides
• Rituals
• Create sacred space
• Use of sacred Medicines
• Shamanic Journeys
Awaken into the sacred dream the Universe is dreaming of you.
Shamanic Mysteries of Africa opens each participant to transformation, to change, to pay attention to the true calling of one’s Authentic Self while working with direct relationship with their Spirit Helpers.  Shamans believe that the true calling is the dream the Universe is dreaming of you.
Helping you Re-memeber.
Registration for our 9th year  training is now open.  Our first class, starting on Saturday 2 March 2019.  

Schedule: Refer to Shaman Class 2019 page.



2 thoughts on “Shaman Initiations

  1. Hi Ursula

    Welcome back from Egypt. It looks like you had an amazing time.

    Answering the Call – is resonating with me. Please can you forward me more info, eg: process, venue, logistics and price.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    In love & light


    • Hi Jennifer

      thank you. Egypt was an amazing healing, learning and relaxing experience.

      thank you for your interest in ATC. This is year one of a three year process, were we connect with your guides, learn different shamanic rituals, tools and processes. I will post the full schedule on my webpage – working on doing some edits.

      The group would meet twice a month on a Monday evening – 6:00 – 9:00pm from Feb – September and re-group in Nov. Venue is held at my apartment in Illovo, investment is R1400 per month paid a month in advance.

      in love and light

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