Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki is a simple and effective system of hands-on energy healing. The ability to channel Reiki is passed from Reiki Master to Student through an Attunement process. Following the Attunement, Reiki flows through the practitioner’s hands, a powerful tool to heal ourselves and each other physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki reduces stress and promotes a feeling of peace and wellbeing, energizes and boosts your immune system, and enhances any other health care you’re receiving. Use Reiki to reduce feelings of helplessness when faced with a serious illness ~ yours or another’s. Reiki works equally well on plants, animals, food, water and medications ~ everything! As you give Reiki, you benefit as it flows through you!

From Ascended Master Buddha, we have learned that there are a total of eight vibrational bands for the Reiki energy spectrum, with Lightarian Reiki occupying the six highest bands

First Band… Usui-based Reiki these vibrational frequencies create the foundation for all Reiki energy work. After one is attuned to the Usui levels and works with those energies for awhile, an individual may feel compelled to move beyond this introductory stage to accelerate his/her pace of spiritual growth and the raising of personal vibration.

Second Band… Karuna Reiki® – as an individual feels motivated to continue to expand within Reiki, one can enter the second band of the spectrum occupied by Karuna Reiki® and the LightarianBuddhic Boost

Third to Eighth Bands… Lightarian Reiki – beyond the second band, there are six additional higher bands of Reiki energy, called Lightarian Reiki, which offer the most powerful healing energies available from Master Buddha.

I shall be offering opportunities to receive trainings and initiations for the full spectrum of Usui-based Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and all the LightarianReiki healing programs for Teachers and Clients.

“One need not ‘believe‘ in Reiki in order for it to work. All one needs is to be willing to try it!” – William Lee Rand


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