Shaman Class 2018

While each session will be as contained as possible, reference will be made to other cycles.  This, therefore does require commitment, so that the process becomes more holistic rather than scattered.

With this in mind, there will be some essential sessions to which constant and frequent reference will be made and which form the basis of other sessions.  These core sessions are indicated with an *.

Cycle 1: *       Introduction

Cycle 2: *       Relationships with Spirit Guides I

Cycle 3:          Defining Medicine


Cycle 4:         The Shamans Heart

Cycle 5:          Intuition & Change

Cycle 6:1 *     Healing Wheels I

Cycle 6:2 *     Healing Wheels II + African Medicine Wheel


Cycle 7: *        Power Animals

Cycle 7:1        Grokking/Shaping shifting

Cycle 8:          Direct Relationship to Guides I

Cycle 8.1:*      Crafting questions for Journeys

Cycle 9:           Sacred Space


Cycle 10:         Your Souls Purpose

Cycle 11:         Divination I: Runes I

Cycle 11.1*     Divination Runes II

Cycle 11.2*    Divination Runes III

Cycle 12:        Ancestral Helping Spirits & Guides

Cycle 13:         Interpreting Your Symbolic Language

Cycle 14:       Ritual I


Cycle 15:         Ritual II – Working with the Elements

Cycle 16:        Living in Gratitude

Cycle 17:        Living your Souls Purpose II

Cycle 18 :        Shamanic Shields

Shaman Master I – 2018

Cycle 19:        Shaman’s Dream + Munay-Ki 1st Rites

Cycle 20:         The Shaman’s Heart II + Munay-Ki 2nd Rites

Face to Face Classes:              Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meeting twice a month over 18 months

Online Course Available :     Conducted over Skype or FaceTime

Bring with:     Notebook, pen and an eye patch or black cloth to cover your eyes




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