About Me


“Self knowledge is the basis of true knowledge” Pert Em Heru

In my late twenties I suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), minor stroke; leaving me partially paralysed and the inability to formulate speech or move my limbs. I underwent stoke rehabilitation, speech therapy, physical therapy, yoga and meditation to regain my health and life back. I would occasionally suffer minor seizures until my initiation as a Shaman, where these seizures strangely disappeared.

I am an initiated Shaman and over a decade studying the philosophy and application of ancient and holistic Energy applications of African, Native American and European cosmologies. In addition to Kemetic Sciences, Meditation, Buddhist and Yoga teachings, I apply this knowledge in practical  empowerment workshops, Shamanic and Journey classes, Reiki and Yoga training and counselling I offer to clients and students.

I have completed two teacher training, and a certified 500hr ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha,Tantric & Ayurveda) and Kemetic Yoga™ (YogaSkills Method) teacher. I am a RYT® with Yoga Alliance USA and registered with the Yoga Teacher Fellowship South Africa. Currently, I am the first and only one training AfriCan Kemetic Yoga™ Teachers in South Africa.

I hold degrees and accredited in:

  • Kemetic Yoga™ Teacher – RYT®
  • ISHTA (Integrated School of Hatha, Tantric Arts) Yoga Teacher
  • HATHA Yoga Teacher
  • Karuna © Reiki Master
  • Lightarian™ Reiki Master
  • An independant Usui Reiki Master
  • Social Entrepreneurship Hon Degree
  • Business Administration Hon Degree

I have been featured in South African magazines  and radio stations of Carbo Magazine, PowerFM radio and DsTV.

I spend my days helping other Shamans – re-member, in my shaman classes, hold reiki training, train AfriCan Kemetic Yoga teachers, hold sweat lodges, vision quests, Shamanic journeys and spiritual coaching.

I believe that engaging as a community in purposeful dialogue through healing workshops is a key factor to creating resilience. The wisdom we seek as we face unprecedented challenges and unparalleled potential will not come from a few teachers or leaders, but will instead emerge from the collective heart and mind of learning communities like ours. There are no experts to guide us home from here, only the wisdom that emerges from community coherence. My shamanic healing practice, transformational workshops and yoga classes and trainings provides transformational learning processes that empower people to engage in personal transformation and to skilfully navigate through these perilous times with wisdom. My intentions are to catalyse the enlargement of the soul and inspire resilient learning communities to thrive.

It is in the spirit of gathering around a central fire that I invite you to join with us in this communal exploration.”

I look forward to welcoming you on your courageous journey to “self”.

Aunk Udjeb Seneb ( Life: Health: Prosperity)
Ahoy! Hotep! Peace
Mitakuye Oyasin (We are One)

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