Yoga Teacher Training

Transform and heal yourself with this unique and integrated yoga training course. Learn healing tools that inspire and change how you see your world. Finally take back your Power and un-earth your authentic self.
This 200 hour African Kemetic Yoga™ Teacher training course begins on 4 September 2017 and ends with graduation on 30 September 2017.
The group will meet every weekend for two half hours over eight months. Allowing you, the yoga student ample time to fully assimilate and practice the techniques, methodology and philosophies covered in the training.
What you will learn
• Philosophy & History of Yoga ; Hatha and Kemetic Yoga™
• Techniques of Yoga ; Postures, Mediation, Energy Systems (Sefech Ba Re/Charkas), Pranic Body, Breathing techniques (Sensenti/Pranyama)
• Teaching Methodology
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Prenatal Yoga
• Stress Management
• Business of Yoga
Topics covered include and introduction to Kemetic Cosmology and Sciences, Indian philosophies and various styles of yoga, providing You with an all rounded, integrated fusion of African Kemetic Yoga.
Upon successful completion You will be:-
(i) confident in teaching a yoga class as well as structuring a class to a wide variety of potential clients,
(ii) able to register with Yoga Teachers Fellowship (RSA) and Yoga Alliance (USA)
(iii) awarded an AfriCan Kemetic Yoga certification
You are required to read and familiars yourself with the following books:
1. Ancient Future – Wayne Chandler
2. Metu Neter Vol 1 – Ra Un Nefer Amen
3. Serpent in the Sky – John Anthony West
4. Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar
5. Heal thy Self – Queen Afua
6. The Ankh -Nur Ankh Amen
7. The Key Poses of Yoga – R Long MD
8. Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff
All books are available on Amazon, or can be loaned from the studio.
Investment: ZAR26 000 includes training and certificate only, teaching manual is extra at R600.
Payment Options:
(i) register and pay in full to be eligable to receive a R500 early bird discount by 15 January 2017.
(ii) register and pay a R6000.00 deposit, with R4000.00 equal installments over 5 months.
Lead Teacher: Ursula Macheke van Graan
Ursula, suffered a minor stroke in her late twenties resulting in her being partially paralyzed and speechless. After a year of therapy she began practicing yoga and her spiritual journey has not stopped. She attributes her recovery and healing to her dedicated yoga practice, meditation and alternative healing therapies gained through her Shamanic training and initiation.
She is a certified 500hr ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha,Tantric & Ayurveda) and 200hr Kemetic Yoga™ (YogaSkills Method) teacher. She is a registered RYT® with Yoga Alliance USA and full member of the Yoga Teacher Fellowship SA. Ursula is an international yoga teacher having trained teachers in South Africa and abroad.
Ursula is an initiated Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, an internationally certified Karuna © Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki Master. She holds two degrees, in Business Administration and Social Entrepreneur. Bringing all these healing disciplines into her training style.
She is the co-owner of AfriCan Kemetic Yoga™ Studio jointly with the teachers of the studio. The co-owner of Teen Yoga SA t/a Youth Yoga SA, co-founding Member and CEO of Kemetic Yoga™ Association South Africa.
“Yoga has been my lifeline, through all my challenges in life. Being able to share this and teach yoga for me is a passion I look forward to waking up each morning. I envision a world where we all come together as One, realizing our true potential as humanity to live in peace, love and prosperity. And I believe yoga maybe the key to unlocking this essential part that lies with all of us”.
For full details, contact Ursula at or whatapp +27762370127.
Join me, take you on a journey like no other.
Aunkh Udja Seneb
We strive for Life: Health and Prosperity