Lightarian ™ Reiki

Lord-MaitreyaLightarian™ healings are channeled healing by connecting with the Ascended Masters and the highest vibrational Angelic energies.

These can be delivered (via distant, telephone, Skype or person to person) to clients whom have not received any Reiki attunements, but desire alternative healing modalities.

These specialized healing attunements are as follows for all ages:

  • Lightarian AngelLinks ™
  • Lightarian  Path Clearing™
  • Lightarian  Activation Rays™
  • Lightarian Purifcation Rings™

All specialized healing attunements provide etheric connections with the Ascended Masters  and the highest vibrational Angelic energies.

All Lightarian AngelLinks™,Lightarian Path Clearing™  Lightarian Rays™ and Purification Ring™ healing attunements for clients are strictly for your personal benefit, are convenient and affordable.  These are passed onto you one-on-one, in-person, over the phone or via remote or distant sessions.  When any of these sessions are performed in-person, I provide an addition energy healing session to ground you.


One thought on “Lightarian ™ Reiki

  1. Hotep mum Ursula

    My name is Thato. The lady who sells Moringa. Im interested in the one on one reiki session.

    I would like to schedule an appointment for soonest and would also like to get the fees.


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