An AfriCan Autumn

The change of season in the Southern Hemisphere is evident with the April Showers in Johannesburg.  The difference is after the rain shower the air is cooler, a bit cold.  Soon the trees will begin to shed their leaves.  It’s a time of letting go – letting go of stuff that no longer serves us.  Perhaps the goal  you’ve been focusing all your energy on that has you stumped, you’ve reached a brick wall, or dream that has not manifested.  Or looking to our wardrobe, and draws stuffed with items that we have not either worn or used for months or even years.  Keeping all this and expecting new ideas, dreams, goals or that new item you have been desiring to manifest is just plain crazy.  Let it go!  Allow the death of what is not worthy to die. african-autumn

Death is a funny thing.  People generally have a negative ideas around death.  We fear the death of a loved one and associate this to all aspects.  Ask anyone how they feel about death.  In most cases, it’s a taboo subject, something not to be discussed. Yet, if you think of death in terms of allowing things be let go of.  For instance, we all experience death in many ways, the end of a job, a relationship, the end of a project.  All have come to the completion of a circle.  You have all experienced something of this nature.  So as we move into Autumn, its time to reflect on those aspects that need to be released. Take time out, sit in silence and ask yourself “ What do I need to let go of?” This could be in areas of your life of Relationships, Finances, Health, Jobs and your Spiritual Development.  How will you know it’s time to let it go.  Well, do you feel joyful? Or perhaps resentment, anger, doubt about the aspects you have in mind. If there are no pleasant feelings associated – that’s a sure sign it has run its course in your life.

The next step, physically remove this out of your life.  It could mean clearing out old financial bills stuffed into a draw in your study.  Or clearing out unused clothing items you have not worn for months or years.  Donate them to charity or take to a second hand store.   Perhaps this relates to a Relationship, write a letter to the person express all you need to in your letter, thank them for being your Teacher in learning the lesson or experience you have identified.  Once done, perform a funeral ritual.  Bury the letter, say good-by and let it go.


Learning to live in right relation with the seasons, will help us move though our lives in balance.  Shamancially, Autumn is the time of letting go, of allowing the circle of death to take its course. It’s the time for us to begin preparing for the winter months ahead.


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