Vision Quest

vision quest v3

What is a Vision Quest?

These are a rites of passage practised by Native American cultures and the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose.

Vision Quests create a fertile context for individuals to claim their own authenticity and authority, tell their own stories, determine their own myths and fully participate in their own heroic journey. Individuals are supported in finding their “medicine,” their unique path to wholeness — and in bringing their gifts forth for the benefit of their people.

Date: August 8 – 11 2013
Investment: R2700 per person
Fine Print:
• Recommend attendance at the Rites of Passage workshop on the July 27 2013.
• Limited space with a maximum of 10 participants
• A 50% deposit is required to secure your space
• Preparation work will be required prior to weekend
• Booking deadline July 27 2013

Space is limited, essential to book and secure your space by filling out the enquiry form:


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