Womb Wisdom

31524875_2100246913572659_6814860261086724096_nImagine waking up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in your womb? And crawling to the bathroom, with beads of sweat forming on your brow. Knowing that this is your moon time, your menstrual cycle has began! And for the next three to four days this pain will be a constant remainder that you are a woman and this is your lot in life. This experience is repeated once a month, every month! You have tried all sorts of remedies, from drinking ginger or listened to some old wife’s tale that once you have given birth that these monthly occurrences will be a thing of the past.

Years later, you fall pregnant and a bit anxious at the prospect of being pregnant, especially with your colourful history. After all this is confirmed that you are pregnant you begin to experience some pain as the weeks progress. You anxiously make an appoint for your first scan, and as you sit patiently for your turn in the waiting room, concerned but unaware of the devastating news you are about to hear. While laying on the reclined chair, partially undressed with that sticky cold gel on your stomach, and the technician pressing down with the apparatus on your stomach to get an image of the new life growing inside of you. And there is plain silence, one can hear a pin drop in the room. You get dressed and told to wait. A few agonising minutes roll by and your doctor steps into the room. With a calm clinical manner, you are told that you have an epitomic pregnancy. An epitomic pregnancy is where the foetus develops outside of the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube. If the pregnancy grows further it will normally rupture the Fallopian tube. This can cause heavy internal bleeding and pain. Causing a medical emergency. Your doctor explains this all to you, as you are numb with shock. A decision must be made to terminate this pregnancy or risk your life.


These are some of the common dis-eases woman may experience during there life. Our modern way of thinking see this only for what it is. From a shamanic perspective there is a deeper dis-ease occurring within the womb. In our modern day life, woman have lost touch with our womb. We have poisoned our bodies with poisons creating dis-ease i.e. fibroids, tumors, cysts and the like. We have created and destroyed babies. We have allowed men to probe our wombs while holding us down. We have a poor diet, get no rest and we are ashamed of our bodies. Growing in a patriarchal society has taught us to be ashamed of our bodies, our needs and desires. We have grown comfortable with our shame, guilt and fear.

The truth is that women are strong. We hold the Goddess within. Our womb is what makes us divinely feminine. When we allow ourselves to step out of our own way, and allow our Divine Light to shine. We empower ourselves as women. The empowered feminine walks a path of beauty, love, freedom and joy. She becomes aware that She and life is sacred. She then steps into being the sovereign true essence of herself and tapes into her intuition and wisdom.

This is the story of my womb. She has experienced sexual abuse, rape, miscarriages and epitomic pregnancies, cysts and period pains. We have delved deep and uncovered what was the root cause.  I believe I can empathize with the fear, the pain, the guilt and the shame.

This was part of my womb wisdom I carried for generations and carried over from past incarnations. I witnessed my late mother transition out of this world from ovarian cancer, completing her journey of healing through her womb. I believe as women for generations we have kept silent of our deep wounds and continue to carry our shame and guilt within our womb. We have been entrained it is taboo to discuss these “woman” issues. I believe we have lost the traditional ways of gathering around as a sisterhood, to hold space together and share our burdens and to just dance.  BlueMoon

I say it is time to stop. I say it’s time to let go of these old wounds and old stories? I say as woman we need to dream a new story for ourselves, for our sisters, our daughters and all our descendants that are coming! I say it’s time for us to gather round and heal our Womb wounds, and tap into our Womb Wisdom.  And dance into being the new dream waiting for us.

Mitakuye Oyasin – We are One.




Conscious Dying

I’m wondering if anyone of us has thought to how we will celebrate our transition from Form (life) to Formlessness (aka death)? With the understanding that once we are in Spirt it is a time of celebration and reflection on the other side.

However, what about the vessel we leave behind – our body. Will we hand our power over to the Religious institution (Priests/Pastors, Imaan, Rabbi) for our rite of passage to the Spirt realm? And how we as humanity have handed this very power over to others. Our SOUL has 3 components- many of you believe there is only one SOUL! However, there are 3 aspects to a SOUL- 1. The Soul which returns to Spirit to address the life we have lived in this incarnation 2. The soul that returns as another incarnation and 3. the soul of the body. This part – the soul of the body must return to the earth. Hence the idea of burials – these could be into the ground, fire or sky burials. The shell of the body that must give back to the earth.

Yet, as I reflect on what I am experiencing now with the recent death in my family. I am seeing how we so blindly disrespect the body in the manner we treat it, how we fear the empty shell and are so unprepared and un-knowledgeable about how to administer its last rites of passage. Just got me thinking of how I need to manage and prepare for a conscious death. With clear instructions on how I desire my body to be prepared. Thereby, taking ownership of my body while I am not here to have control to what will or not be done.

Have any of you thought of what you would like and need for your transition? Are you aware of what a conscious death is? Or is death a taboo topic not to be discussed at all costs? Or do you arrogantly ignore that you MUST die one day. And ignore the very vessel we have been GIFTED to be in this life to experience?

We MUST return to Spirit from hence we came. However, also respect this body we have and prepare for our eventual transition in a respectful and honoring manner. We celebrate births, ed27750786_10155310284657335_479050630965604558_nucational accomplishments and love – yet give little thought or none to our forthcoming transition- aka death. A conscious death is one way of ensuring ownership of this. 💟

Yes We Can!

I have been reflecting on my sixteen year journey with yoga these past few days. As the opening of my first AfriCan Kemetic Yoga Studio approaches. Looking back at what I have learned and gained on this journey has been interesting, at times frustrating, moments of clarity and bliss. But most important, are the loving, supportive friendships I have gained over the years.  
While studying my first teacher training in HATHA yoga. I found I could not resonate with the Hindu deities of Shiva, Lakshim or Ganesha. They made no sense to me. My next question was, if Africa (l was later to learn that the name Africa has Greek origins! The origin name of Africa being Kmt) is the birth place of Africa. Then why are there no images, or tarot cards or even oracle cards displaying images of African Gods or Goddess – by the way are known as Neter. And how many times haves one heard the saying the “Africans worshiped Animal gods”? And so this untruth, has never been questioned.  

Well, since then I have been awakened to the things which are “hidden”.  Happily, knowing that as an African, we hold great mysteries, so carefully kept hidden or distorted to keep us ignorant of our True nature.  

So, after completing my second and third yoga teacher training (ISHTA) and being certified as a Kemetic Yoga™ teacher.  I realized I had no desire to approach the various yoga studios around Johannesburg with this style of yoga – Kemetic Yoga™.  I found it interesting to observe people’s eyes glaze over or become defensive protecting Indian yoga and its philosophies, when I used Kemetic terminology, i.e. Shu, the Paut Neter (Kemet Tree of Life), or Ausar, Auset or Heru (commonly known by the Greek names of Osisris, Isis or Horus).  However, it was interesting to observe, people had a understanding of Ma’at – although limited to “Balance or Justice”, or the romantic notion of Isis (Auset)!  That I realized that like any style of yoga – Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, Vinyasa or Hatha.  Kemetic Yoga™ required a space, where we unapologetically practiced and used Kemetic terminology as would any other studio use the language, customs or terminology of its yoga tradition. I doubt anyone walking into a Hatha yoga studio would question the Om Symbol displayed. And so, I too intended to create a space, where the Aunkh symbol or a Neter statue is displayed, unapologetically. 

So, I came to the realization that, if I was having a challenge explaining Kemetic terminology and sciences and I was resisting approaching yoga studios with this style of yoga. What would become of the aspiring yoga teachers I was training to be AfriCan Kemetic Yoga™ teachers? Where would they find a “home” to teach and feel comfortable enough to be understood when using terminology relating to the Paut Neter (Kemetic Tree of life) or the Sesh Metut Neter (the Word of God) or the Nef Aunk (Breath of Life) or a Hekau (chanting). Where the use of the correct ancient names of the a Neter – RA, Ausar, Auset, Tehuti or Herukhuti would be done without censure. A place where people interested in this style of yoga will find it in this space. It became apparent to me that a Kemetic Yoga™ studio was required.

So the dream of a yoga studio began. It seems so long ago that I planted this seed. And now, on my birthday this year, with the wonderful support of like minded friends, students and clients, we prepare to celebrate the official opening of this studio. A yoga studio, perhaps the first of its kind, on African soil, or Southern Africa or in Johannesburg, that offers authentic Kemetic Yoga™ and incorporates the Ausarian Kemetic Sciences, mediations and breathing techniques. And also offers, all styles of yoga in its space, recognizing that we are the rainbow nation and in our diversity is our strength. 

It is with Gratitude, humble Thank You to the Neter, to Spirit, my mentors and teachers for opening up the way, to that which is unknown. For providing the space and resources. I am proud to acknowledge, that the AfriCan Kemetic Yoga™ Studio is owned and run by yoga teachers of All African descent and offering a style of yoga that is AfriCan, because as Africans we Can.  

Yes We Can!

Aukh Udja Seneb – we strive for Life, Prosperity and Food Health. 


Time to Take Action – The general requires new orders


It’s that time of the year again, when we give the General – our liver a clean sweep. The liver is the General of our internal organs, processing all that stuff we hold onto. We often wonder why we are not MOVING? We move from dreaming and fantasies or romantics illusion of your mind; to frustration to anger…. why?

The liver does two things in Spring in order to clear the way:
1. It needs to move into manifesting what you have dreamed into your life, that which is coming – becoming, our goals or aspirations and guess what! It can’t do that if its stumbling over all the “crap,” remaining in our bodies.
2. And by Assisting the Gall Blader (the organ in our bodies that assists in MANIFESTING our goals or dreams).

In order for us to take the STEPS in manifesting our souls purpose, a balanced life or taking action for the seeds we planted in our Spring Ritual. Writing that new story we await after the Blood Moon. Spring is time to TAKE Action. So mind the pun….shit out the stuff holing you back!

Below is a sample of a simple liver cleanse found http://www.sakthifoundation.org/castor_oil_cleansing.htm. Or one may use alternative methods by juicing a variety of vegetables. Check out http://www.myheirloomseeds.com/natural_liver_cleanse_foods.htm

I recommend one perform the liver cleanse on a weekend for those working, preferably first thing in the morning. It takes a couple of hours for the liver to flash, prepare the Khichari and eat lightly afterward. I usually perform a liver cleanse as the seasons change although once a or twice a year is ample. However listen to your body.

Liver cleanser!

Castor Oil Cleansing:

Castor oil works like fiber in the food. Drinking castor oil early in the morning induces the gall bladder to pour the bile into the stomach. (Early morning bile flow is heavier than at any other time) and also the stomach and intestines are empty to be cleaned. When hot water is sipped it causes mucus to be secreted which forces movement of bile and castor oil mixture to move down to the intestine. Bile and oil forms detergent (SOAP). A cleaning detergent is basically oil that is bonded to salt. Here castor oil forms a chemical complex with bile salts and forms a cleansing detergent. Sipping water makes a typical “HOT WASH”. This really cleans the stomach and intestines and also gets rid of the toxins that come through the bile. Thus this is a powerful way of detoxification. Thanks to Ayurvedic masters who have understood the detoxification process and the physiology of the body so perfectly.

Advantages of the Cleanse:
·Some people tend to reduce body weight considerably within a few days after the cleanse.
·By experience we have seen a reduction in the size of belly (tummy) within a few days.
·Do this before pregnancy but after pregnancy do not do this because it might cause abortion.
·It cleanses the intestines and also the liver.
·It eliminates some parasites too.
·It keeps you healthy.

Castor Oil Cleansing Method

For adults: Pour 50 ml to 75 ml ( 2 ounces) of castor oil in a cup and add equal amount of freshly squeezed orange juice to it and mix well. Drink on an empty stomach at around 6-7a.m. After 15 – 30 minutes, start drinking hot water (like you would sip tea). Drink approximately 3-4 cups at intervals of 10 – 15 minutes. You will have flush bowel movements. When you have had 2-3 flushes, stop drinking warm water. The bowel movements can be stopped by drinking a glass of buttermilk or low fat yogurt. For the rest of the day try to eat very light food and avoid fatty , fried and spicy foods.

Khichari Ingredients:
1. Rice : 1 cup
2. Green split mung dal : 1/2 cup
3. Water : 4 cups (use 3 if more solid consistency desired)
4. Salt : 1 teaspoon

Just the above ingredients are enough. But optional additions are given below.
1. Black corn pepper : 2 or 3
2. Ginger grated : 1/4 teaspoon
3. Cumin seeds : 1/4 teaspoon
4. Curry leaves chopped : 1/4 teaspoon
5. Coriander leaves chopped : a few
6. Raisins : 3 teaspoon
7. Flavor mix : 1/4 teaspoon


Add all ingredients and put in a pressure cooker and cover it. Cook on Medium High heat, until well cooked. Serve for lunch or dinner with or without yogurt or steamed vegetables.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

15 kg 8 – 10 ml ( 10 ml = 2 teaspoons) 1 cup
20 – 29 kg 10 – 15 ml ( 15 ml = 1 tablespoon) 1 – 1.5 cup
30 – 39 kg 15 – 20 ml 1 – 1.5 cups
40 – 49 kg 20 – 25 ml 1 – 2 cups
50 – 59 kg 25 – 30 ml ( 30 ml = 2 tablespoons) 2 – 3 cups
60 – 69 kg 30 – 40 ml 2 – 3 cups
70- 79 kg 40 – 60 ml ( 45 ml = 3 tablespoons) 2 – 4 cups
80- 89 kg 50 – 70 ml ( 60 ml = 4 tablespoons) 3 – 4 cups
90 – 99 kg 60 – 75 ml ( 75 ml = 5 tablespoons) 3 – 4 cups
100 – 109 kg 60 – 85 ml 3 – 4 cups
110 – 119 kg 60 – 85 ml 4 – 5 cups
120 – 129 kg 60 – 85 ml 4 – 5 cups
130 – 139 kg 60 – 90 ml ( 90 ml = 6 tablespoons) 4 – 5 cups
140 – 149 kg 60 – 90 ml 4 – 5 cups
over 150 kg 60 – 100 ml 4 – 6 cups
Adjust the amount of castor oil based on your personal tolerance. 1 or 2 tablespoons may be more then enough for some people!

After the Cleanse

Eat very light food; not fatty, fried items. Fruit juices are fine or steamed vegetables are good. If you feel too hungry, just plain rice with some beans without any fat is good.




Spring – Sowing Your Seeds

“Our soul’s purpose lives in our body, deep within the root of our being where we carry our piece of the original spark of life. Like bulbs in the ground and buds on the trees, that spark of your soul’s purpose wants to rise up and out of you, blossoming into an expression of your unique gifts given to the world.


The irritation and restless energy that we feel in the springtime is more than cabin fever and a lust for newness. It is the energy of the your Inner Self needing to dream true and instead finding the need to detoxify the winter’s crop of old energies, ideas, and beliefs.” Christina Pratt Why Shamanism Now http://www.whyshamanismnow.com

For our seeds to take root and blossom we must prepare the soil. This requires bringing in the nutrients of our essence energies and aligning with the things we know we cannot live without. It also involves fertilizing the soil with the release of aspects of our self that no longer serve us or are outdated by our growth. And most important of all, we must plant the right seeds, the seeds that resonate with our authentic true nature.

Now is the time to de-clutter our lives, Clear all the spaces, and items that no longer serves us.  Hoarding is a great indicator of what our internal lives reflect.  So get clearing. Take an hour of your day clearing your office space and home.  Open the way for new energy to emerge into your life.  Allow for your dreams or goals to have space to emerge.

Here are a couple of tips I give to clients and may be of use to you:

  1. De-clatter – ask yourself some tough questions and decide on what your time frame reference will be.  For instance “Have I used this item in the past six months?” or “Am I likely to us this in the next six months?” if your answer is a no, then take it out or donate it to charity


2. Once that is complete – rearrange your space.


3.   Delete old contacts from your mobile devices, email contact list  etc.  Chances are, you have not made contact with them for over six months, chances are you not likely to.


4. Once all this is completed, decide on three seeds (goals or dreams) you would like to focus your attention on in the next twelve months.  The idea here is to keep it simple.  Once you have your seeds ready, it’s time to go gardening.

5. Nurture your seeds.  Select three crystals (or pebbles) or seeds, find a quite place in the garden or window pot holder and plant your seeds.  Ask your spiritual guides or helping spirits or Power animals to assist you in manifesting your goals.

images (1)

Finally, once you have this is place, begin acting on your goals or dreams.  Draw up a to-do list or a vision board.  Above all, Expect a Miracle and believe in magic.

nature your goals

A Journey of Coming Forth

Our attitude is everything.  Is all.  Tells us who we truly are.  Dictates our to days and our tomorrows.  Makes the difference in our lives.  And only by looking back on yesterday, and on all the yesterdays which have done before, only by looking back in total honesty, examining our actions, our motives, and the outcomes of our actions, can we truly tell what our attitude has been, really understand if we need to change it.

It is so easy to become so involved with the day-to-day comings and goings in life.  So easy to wear blinders, blame others, blame circumstances, for who we are, how we behave.  The truth is we have nowhere else to look but to ourselves, and only when we are brace enough, desperate enough, to do this honestly can we ever change our lives for the better.” – Proud Spirit Rosemary Altea

In the later part of March 2015, I committed to immersing myself into the Amen RA Immersion program.  A thirteen month journey of deepening and expanding my way of life, spirituality and consciousness.  Why pray tell would I do this?  Have not put myself through enough Spiritual immersions, lost two family members in a space of six months of each other, and in doing so, coming to terms that my life was about to change.  To transform into something not even dreamed of yet.  Surely, I’ve done my part?

Well, I felt stuck, I feel there is more to explore, more to master.  Yes, this sounds pretty much like an “addiction”, well perhaps.  Lets see how the next thirteen months will evolve, what is this authentic self dying to come forth.  Lets strip naked and allow what is hidden come to light.

So I figure is a time for me to co-create and explore the Kemetic mystery of self awareness and discovery – Coming Forth, of something that has still to be born, to be birthed. This should bring me closer to fully immersing myself into Kemetic Yoga, and the way of life.

68fc36170a5f8982868dbdfe7e604eb1So two weeks into the Amen RA Immersion Program, I experience the the shift happening.  It’s been interesting to observe how my world views, my beliefs and fears came pouring up to the surface long before I was able to fully understand what the hell was happening to me.  The pain tearing in my heart was so unbearable I felt someone had stabbed me a couple of times in the chest, and poured salt into my wounded heart just for the added benefit to gain a response. And a response I certainly received.  Memories of my relationships with all the males in my life came surging forward.  Angry and cruel stories I had kept filed away emerged for me to see myself.  To experience how I had treated others in the course of my present life.  This came in the form of hurling verbal abuse, forcing me to review my trajectory of my spiritual choices, and my all time favorite, rejection.  This desperate need within me to be accepted, to be allowed to be whom I needed to be. Yet, in reviewing and experiencing all the past stories.  It dawned on me that the acceptance I seek outside of myself, had to do with me accepting ME.  Yes, ME.  In all my beautiful crazy and colorful masks I present to the world.  I do not require absolution or approval from others to fully acknowledge the ME.  I came to fully realize and accept that the 5 A’s (found in the book written by David Richo – When the Past is Present: Healing the Emotional Wounds that Sabotage our Relationships) Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, Allowing and Attention must begin and end with me first, in all my relating.  And to fully re-look at the core patterns that trap us in fear – Abandonment, Separation, Annihilation, Isolation and Banishment. And by having angry mirrors reflected back at me, allows me to fully begin the journey of Coming Forth.  With total awareness of what qualities I have assigned to my experiences.  To really examine my Re-actions when relating to others, too confront where and how am I utilizing the core patterns in the relationships I face daily.

And so, I AM the wounded healer, seeking, questioning and will continue to do so. Searching Balance – M’aat within myself.   I am the a womb-man, the sangoma, the shaman, the yogi, a human having blissful experiences. I am proud Spirit! So yes, I continue on the journey of self exploration, challenging myself and my beliefs.  Because I can.

images (9)


How can I help you, when I still struggle myself?  How can I show you that you are spirit too?  That you are soul,  that you are of God?  And who am I to suppose that you don’t already know these things, that perhaps you are way ahead of me, that perhaps I should seek your help.

Are you proud to be soul?

Are you proud to be God?

Are you proud to be of spirit?

Then join me, join hands with me, join light with me, join love with me.  Unite with me, and let us all be proud…..Proud Spirit.

~  From “Proud Spirit”

Rosemary Altea


Journey into the World of Spirit

“In the shamanic understanding, there is a spiritual dimension that is invisible to the five senses, yet which profoundly affects our lives. What would you find if you could journey there?

There are unseen forces that have been with you since you were born, friendly allies who have guided and sheltered you. What would you learn if you could speak to them?

There is a part of you that knows you are one with the universe, and that you are intimately connected with all of life. How would your life change if you could fully embody this higher self?

Shamanic practice is about finding the answers to these questions—and opening the door to an awakened connection with the world of spirit.  – Sandra Ingram

My first journey experience was an amazing experience.  At the time my shamanic teacher had us shape shift into the energy of Grandfather San Pedro.  Feeling Grandfathers energy and flying into landscapes that were so beautiful and strange, meant I was certainly going to return.  I recall when I began teaching my Shamanic students how to journey”, I found it interesting how each on their first attempt would describe how challenging it was to “see”.  They seemed to have a preconceived idea of what they were going to experience.  However, once they understood that shamanic journey comes from the Heart were they able to fully relax into the experience and truly journey.

Charles Frizzel